Rope Crowd Control Stanchion Parts & Accessories

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Rope Posts Crowd Control Stanchion Safety Barrier Parts and Accessories

Replacement Ball and Urn Tops

Stanchions Express by Quik Stage chrome rope post crowd control stanchions and safety barriers have few moving parts therefor do not require many repairs or replacement parts but we do offer replacement tops that you can easily change out if you want a different look for your stanchion. Our most popular rope stanchions are the urn top, followed by the ball top and then the flat top and you can buy any or all of those tops to change out your stanchions. A good example is if you are an event rental company and you own ball tops but the client wants urn, just buy the urn tops and switch them out for that event at a faction of the cost of buying more stanchions.

Chrome and Gold Wall Plates

Wall plates are used to connect velour or braided ropes with hook ends to without the use of a stanchion. Wall plates work well where space is tight or you do not wish to use a stanchion at all and just use 1 or 2 wall plates to connect your ropes. A good example of this is on church pews where you want to block off row or aisles. Wall plates can be installed on any hard surface and comes with screws and wall inserts.

Chrome or Gold Velour or Braided Rope Hook Ends

Hook ends are used on the ends of velour or braided ropes to connect to a stanchion or wall plate. We sell replacement Chrome and Gold hook ends in case of damage or if you want to make your own ropes using nylon or hemp braided ropes. Boat dealers and marinas often buy these to make nautical style ropes for displays, boat shows or docks. Our hook ends are 1½" diameter.

Our Retractable crowd control stanchions or safety barriers are most commonly uses in churches, banks, malls, restaurants, offices, sporting facilities, and others, but now even more popular because of Covid 19 and social distancing.

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