Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy just 1 crowd control stanchion?
Answer: No. All models of our crowd control stanchions are packaged and sold in pairs or 2 each in one box. This allows us to offer you the lowest price possible by combining packaging into just one box. For most applications, 2 stanchions are usually necessary anyway

Can I buy different tops for my Chrome Rope stanchions?
Answer: Yes, you just need to buy an Urn, Ball or Flat top on our accessories page. Simply remove your existing top by unscrewing it and replacing it with your new top.

Can I replace my retractable belt cassettes in my retractable stanchions if I damage it or want a different color?
Answer: Yes. We sell easy to replace belt cassettes in all our available colors on our accessories page. You just need to loosen the 4 screws on the belt cassettes to remove it and replace with a new cassette.

Will your replacement retractable belt cassettes fit other brands of retractable stanchions?
Answer: Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the design of your stanchion. Our replacement cassettes will fit other brands or models and you need to refer to the measurements and specifications listed on the product page. We also encourage you to contact us directly before you buy for assistance.

Do the Vertical stanchion shortage carts ship fully assembled?
Answer: No. Our unique design vertical storage carts were designed to be shipped in a specially designed box about 75% assembled to reduce the shipping cost. When you receive it you will need to complete the assembly using a few standard tools and it's quick and easy. There is not another stanchion cart on the market that is as easy to assemble and can ship as inexpensive as our design plus they are amazing carts.

Do you always have your crowd control stanchions, carts and accessories in stock?
Answer: If you are seeing the item listed for sale online, we should have it in stock ready to ship unless we made an error. To confirm your desired product is in stock and ready to ship, please call custom service at 1-877-783-7373 or email sales@quikstage.com.

How quickly do you ship once I place my order?
Answer: We try to ship the same day unless the order is placed later in the day after the trucks have already picked up for the day. Our goal is to always ship ASAP. If you need expedited shipping, please contact us directly at 1-877-783-7373 or email sales@quikstage.com for assistance.

How easy is it to assemble your crowd control stanchions?
Answer: They are both quick and easy to assemble without any tools. Anyone can do it with no experience or mechanical skills. You simply remove the bases from the box and then attach the uprights to the bolt that is already installed on the base. The bottom of the upright has a threaded part that you screw onto the bolt.

Can the crowd control stanchions ship by Fed Ex small package?
Answer: Yes. We will usually ship smaller orders with up to 5 boxes or 10 stanchions by Fed Ex small package. Larger orders will ship by FedEx LTL truck freight to save shipping costs.

Do you sell sign frames for your stanchions?
Answer: Yes. We have chrome signs available for both the retractable and rope stanchions in 2 different sizes. We also offer black sign frames for the retractable stanchions only. These are on the frames and not the actual signs.