Welcome to Stanchions Express!

Welcome to Stanchions Express!

Posted by Jim on Jul 22nd 2019

Welcome To Stanchions Express by Quik Stage! 

Welcome to Stanchions Express by Quik Stage, our new updated web site and online store. Although this updated site is new, you may already recognize the name Stanchions Express as we have been selling crowd control stanchions and accessories online or direct from our MN factory warehouse for many years. The Stanchions Express brand is owned and operated by Quik Stage, a premier portable staging manufacturer based in Blaine MN.

We are excited to launch our new site and mobile friendly web store on the Big Commerce web store platform. We chose Big Commerce to host our site because it offers shoppers ease of use, blazing-fast speed and layers of added security to make sure that that your shopping experience is everything you expect it to be. When combined with our first class customer service and quick shipping, you will be happy you chose Stanchions Express for all your crowd control needs.


Now About Our Crowd Control Products

Quik Stage Crowd Control Stanchions can be used in many ways and applications. You will find them in stores creating a line to a checkout, at the airports, banks, concerts, schools, churches, clubs, bars etc. We utilize stanchions to keep our lives in order and without them, the smooth flow of people would be disrupted. This is why we believe that if you are a business, church, school or any other type of crowd populating venue, you need these in your life.

We offer many different models. We have wall mounted and free-standing ones. Our wall-mounted stanchions have 8-foot and 15-foot belts in 6 different colors. We have them in chrome and black powder-coat with a slight texture finish. Mounting plates are 4 ½" wide x 4 ¼" high with 4 screw holes for connecting with screws. They are great for areas where space is limited.

Our free-standing stanchions can be put in two categories: retractable belt and rope stanchions. Retractable belt stanchions have a spring loaded belt that is stored within a cassette at the top of the stanchions, which can be extended up to the maximum belt length or retracted to fit the dimensions of your application. We offer a choice of two different finishes; our most popular, heavy duty and durable black powder-coated finish and a polished stainless-steel, chrome-like finish. They weigh 21 lbs. each and are 40” tall. They come with an 8’ or 10’ long belts in your choice of 9 different belt colors. Manufactured of all steel for added strength and weight needed for stability. They are light enough for one person to handle with ease, but heavy enough to not tip over easily.

We also offer polished stainless-steel/chrome-like rope stanchions, which are available in your choice of dome or flat base and your choice of ball, urn or flat top. Rope stanchions provide a more traditional and elegant look. Our stanchion ropes attach easily and quickly to our rope stanchions and are available in two different styles; braided and velour. Our braided ropes are available in 5', 6' or 8' lengths and black, blue and red. Braided ropes are an very nice looking alternative to the traditional velour ropes. Our velour ropes are available in 6' and 8' lengths in 6 different colors (black, blue, brown, burgundy, green and red). Both braided and velour ropes have a classic look and are perfect for more official events such as church events, banquets, theater performances, etc.

Whether you choose retractable belt or rope stanchions, assembly is a breeze. You just need to screw the upright to the base. We also include easy to follow assembly instructions with every pair of stanchions.

Make Stanchions Express by Quik Stage your first choice If you are interested in making your venue more organized and your guest traffic flow more efficiently. 


Stanchions Express Team